About Us

Oeight was born from a father's love to his children and a search for the healthiest and most effective formula for the baby. 

Our story begins with a belief in the power of nature, the ability of science and what can be achieved when you combine the two. This is a story about a father and daughter who joined forces to make the world a better place for babies and their families. Matti Avshlomov made an aliyah to Israel from the USA in 1992, for Zionist reasons. Along with a successful architectural career at his firm "Avshlomov Architects", he is engaged in industrial design and teaches architecture at Ariel University.

As a father of four, he often went to the pharmacy chains to buy creams and ointments for his children. Every time he red the list of ingredients, he was startled by the list of chemical substances, which are used in the treatment of our babies. Since he could not find other, more natural, he decided to do it himself and led to the development of the "Oeight" series of products, intended for the care of the baby's sensitive skin and based on a unique compound, which was registered in several international patents and produced with breakthrough Israeli technology.

Adi, the CEO, is Mati's eldest daughter. She joined the company in recent years. Adi has a degree in economics and political science and after her return from living in the Far East, she chose to work with her father and cooperate with him, believing in his vision. Adi believes in our clientele, who check, compare and make the informed choice of the most suitable products for their children.

Today, the made in Israel Oeight products, are sold in about 100 points of sale in Israel, and are exported to the Usa,  Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Made in Israel

From north to south, from Kiryat- Shmone to Ofakim, all of Oeight products are all made in Israel.

Animal friendly

Oeight products are tested on humans who are ready for it and have never been tested on animals.

Small scale production

One of our emphases Oeight is the quality of the products. Therefore, we make sure to produce our products in small batches to ensure and maintain product quality and ensure production efficiency. The Oeight team checks each bottle and tube personally to ensure maximum quality.

family ownership

Oeight was founded by Mati Avshalomov, after a decade of development with the help of dermatologists, allergists and chemists to ensure the highest product quality. Today the business is managed by Matti Avshalomov and his eldest daughter Adi.